signup-photoLike you, social media expert and Ideazio’s Chief Marketing Strategist, Kendra Webb-Scott, has seen the world of online marketing change drastically over the years. Should you be on both Facebook and LinkedIn? What’s the best way to capitalize on Instagram and Pinterest? Does email still provide good ROI? How come no one’s reading your newsletters or downloading your eBooks? It seems like the answers to these questions change by the week based on whom you speak with.

With over 10 years of coaching, speaking, and most importantly real-life, in-the-trenches online marketing expertise under her belt, Kendra has a unique approach to helping you answer these questions for your business and recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. She loves to inspire, educate and entertain by leading fun and interactive panels and workshops on all things related to social media and online marketing.

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Keynotes, Panels, and Workshops

Kendra is a busy little bee, and regularly speaks at industry events, national conferences, Chambers of Commerce, professional groups, and private organizations. From 10 people to 10,000, she can deliver an engaging and informative presentation that will help stir up your group and get them excited to implement new ideas. She also has a knack for injecting real-life stories into her presentations and connecting with audiences at an intimate and individual level. Kendra’s passion is helping talented and innovative companies succeed through smarter marketing. Her personal guarantee to each of her audiences is to exceed their expectations and to leave them better off than before they met.

Recent Speaking Gigs & Workshops

On average, Kendra leads social media, email marketing, and branding workshops and webinars two to three times each month. Below is a sampling of those events:

  • New York Small Business Expo at Jacob Javits Center
  • Online Marketing Workshop Series with Regus Business Centers
  • Business Blogging Workshop with NYC Business Solutions
  • Social Media Workshop with Project Enterprise
  • Small Business Marketing Bootcamp at Microsoft NYC Headquarters
  • NYC User Group Leader at OFFSITE NYC
  • City College Guest Lecturer
  • Blogging While Brown Conference at Schomburg Center

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