How to Build Momentum for the Holiday Season

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Many of your biggest competitors have already started generating buzz for the holidays. While you may not have a million dollar TV budget or a Grammy-worthy holiday jingle to do it, you do have the tools you need to connect with your audience and deliver content and offers that will get them excited to shop small this holiday season.

Here are some actionable tips to help build momentum as you head into the holiday season.

1. Develop a schedule – Map out the weeks leading up to and through the holiday season with specific business goals for each of the big shopping days. The holidays you target may vary based on your business and your audience.
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2. Get creative – Use email to announce your holiday plans, remind people about important dates and deadlines, and thank people for shopping small during the holiday season.
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3. Be a resource; not just a sales pitch – Provide your audience with resources they can actually use this holiday season. It can be something as simple as time-saving tips or last-minute gift ideas.
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4. Don’t do too much, too soon – Don’t overwhelm people with too many promotions early in the season. Instead, target your audience with relevant offers when they’re actually ready to shop.
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5 Tips to Show Up in Instagram’s New Algorithm Feed

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If instagram-algorithm-ft-imageyour small business has a following on Instagram, you need to understand how the algorithm governing its feed has changed recently.

Items used to appear reverse chronologically in your followers’ feeds, so if your followers checked their Instagram accounts shortly after you posted something, your photo would appear at the top of their feeds. That has changed recently.

Instagram, as you probably know, is owned by Facebook and the Instagram feed algorithm has been reworked to parallel how items appear in the Facebook News Feed.
Items that generate more Instagram user interest get priority placement. These are the items that Instagram believes will be of more interest to its users. This paves the way for more profitable advertising in the Instagram feed.

However this ultimately plays out, it shines a very bright spotlight on the importance of engaging your followers on Instagram.

You need to do everything you can to prove to the new algorithm that — darn it — people like you!

With that goal in mind, let’s look at five strategies that will help you engage your followers and gain new (engaged) ones.

1. Capitalize on the special interests of your customers.

What are your customers passionate about? Find a “hook” to build your Instagram marketing around. Create a hashtag. Use other general hashtags related to your topic of choice so you can branch out to new people.

Diversity has been a mainstay of American culture for a generation and the Internet has allowed us to push diversity further than ever before. This is great for marketers because it creates all kinds of “micro-niches” to explore with highly engaged audiences. Find these niches and use Instagram to develop them.

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Simple Tips for Creating Effective Ads to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Results

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facebook marketingThe importance of Facebook marketing as a part of any strategic social media plan is undeniable. With more than 1.2 billion users, Facebook is the best platform to reach tech-savvy users who are looking for your services online. But is it enough just to post on Facebook? Or do you need to use effective Facebook advertisements as well to reach your target audience users? With the organic reach of brands’ Facebook page posts dropping from 16% to 12% in the past year, many companies are now turning to Facebook ads to help boost their visibility. If you haven’t started yet, then it’s high time for you to start creating effective Facebook ads to reach your target audience.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

  • Business page: The first step for an effective Facebook marketing is the development of a killer business page that attracts the attention of your users. Your business should feature your company logo and clear, crisp and engaging photos. Your business page is the foundation on which all your advertising and marketing endeavors will depend upon.
  • Right hand column or newsfeed ads: You can publish your Ads in Facebook either on the right hand column or in the news feed. Facebook Newsfeed ads have a click-through rate 44 times higher and a conversion rate 5 times higher than right-side ads. In addition, the results of newsfeed ads are 67 percent lower cost-per-conversion than right-side ads.
  • Ad images: Images and videos tend to have a long-lasting effect on people’s minds. While uploading your Ad images, make sure that they are of the standard size so that a part of your Ad does not go missing when it is viewed by your leads or potential customers. Facebook suggests the ideal size to be 600 by 225 pixels for newsfeed. If you need help with graphics, try using Canva, a free online design tool which has great customizable templates formatted perfectly for Facebook Ads.
  • Lucid yet compelling: Make your Ads simple yet attractive for Facebook marketing. Remember that people are too busy to read a lengthy text and will ignore your Ad while they scroll down their homepage. Follow the KISS principle, and keep things short but sweet.
  • Set the color: While you set the color of the Ads, make sure that it is not blue or white as it might get lost in the blue and white theme of Facebook

These tips will surely help you in effective Facebook marketing, and you can keep on experimenting with your Ads and tweaking them to improve your conversions.

Lights, Camera, Action! Ideazio’s New Explainer Video


If you’ve ever attended one of my video marketing workshops, then you know that video is one of THE BEST ways to get found online and make sure your message comes across loud and clear to potential clients.

Because I like to practice what I preach, I’m making a concerted effort to step up my video marketing game in 2015, starting with Ideazio’s new explainer video…

In case you’re unfamiliar, explainer videos are those short animated videos that explain what your product or service does and why people ought to buy it. It’s a great way to quickly educate people on your business in a fun and entertaining way.

One of the biggest myths about video marketing is that it’s expensive and time-consuming. Can you believe that this video cost me less than $20 and 30 minutes to have produced?! Email me for a quick chat, and I’ll tell you how. In any case, there’s NO EXCUSE for you not to take advantage of this powerful medium in your own marketing efforts!

Be sure to check out my video, and let me know what you think!

Get Targeted with Your Holiday Marketing


targeted holiday marketingConsumers receive a lot of emails during the busy holiday months. This is especially true during the weeks leading up to big shopping days at the end of November.

Last year, businesses sent over 2 billion emails in the week leading up to Cyber Monday. One of the best ways to stand out in a crowded inbox and turbocharge your holiday marketing is to personalize the messages you send out. Rather than sending the same offer or information to your entire email list, look for opportunities to target your emails to the different groups of people on your email list.

Here are a few ideas to consider for great holiday marketing:

  • Exclusive offer to new subscribers: Create a special offer for new subscribers who joined your list since last holiday season. Let them know how you can help them during the holidays and include details about any of the special services you offer during these busy months.
  • Special discount based on click-through activity: Use your click-through reports to see who is clicking on a particular link in a recent email. For example, if you recently sent an email announcing a new line of products and saw a lot of people clicking through to your website, you can target those people with a follow-up email with a special holiday offer on those items.
  • Event invitation for VIPs: Reward your most loyal customers this holiday season by giving them early access to an upcoming sale or event. Want another reason to target your emails?

A recent analysis of customer data found that emails sent to 35 contacts or less received an average open rate of 55 percent, compared to a 14 percent open rate for emails sent to lists of 7,500 or more.