Simple Tips for Boosting Your Facebook Marketing Results

The importance of Facebook marketing as a part of any strategic social media plan is undeniable.

With more than 1.2 billion users, Facebook is the best platform to reach tech-savvy users who are looking for your services online. But is it enough just to post on Facebook? Or do you need to use effective Facebook advertisements as well to reach your target audience users? With the organic reach of brands’ Facebook page posts dropping from 16% to 12% in the past year, many companies are now turning to Facebook ads to help boost their visibility. If you haven’t started yet, then it’s high time for you to start creating effective Facebook ads to reach your target audience.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started with Facebook marketing:

  • Business page: The first step for an effective Facebook marketing is the development of a killer business page that attracts the attention of your users. Your business should feature your company logo and clear, crisp and engaging photos. Your business page is the foundation on which all your advertising and marketing endeavors will depend upon.
  • Right hand column or newsfeed ads: You can publish your Ads in Facebook either on the right hand column or in the news feed. Facebook Newsfeed ads have a click-through rate 44 times higher and a conversion rate 5 times higher than right-side ads. In addition, the results of newsfeed ads are 67 percent lower cost-per-conversion than right-side ads.
  • Ad images: Images and videos tend to have a long-lasting effect on people’s minds. While uploading your Ad images, make sure that they are of the standard size so that a part of your Ad does not go missing when it is viewed by your leads or potential customers. Facebook suggests the ideal size to be 600 by 225 pixels for newsfeed. If you need help with graphics, try using Canva, a free online design tool which has great customizable templates formatted perfectly for Facebook Ads.
  • Lucid yet compelling: Make your Ads simple yet attractive for Facebook marketing. Remember that people are too busy to read a lengthy text and will ignore your Ad while they scroll down their homepage. Follow the KISS principle, and keep things short but sweet.
  • Set the color: While you set the color of the Ads, make sure that it is not blue or white as it might get lost in the blue and white theme of Facebook

In conclusion...

These tips will surely help you in effective Facebook marketing, and you can keep on experimenting with your Ads and tweaking them to improve your conversions.

Facebook Ad Images

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