Let Ideazio handle your social media content strategy so that you can handle your business.

Just about every business wants to be on social media, but very few of them have the time or the resources to do it systematically and effectively.  That’s where we step in to do it for you. In social media, the name of the game is listening out for relevant conversations and being able to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion. In the process, you position yourself as a thought-leader and a go-to expert in your field.  But before we go blasting out tweets, collecting likes, or pinning up a storm on your behalf, we first do a comprehensive analysis to figure out where exactly your crowd (i.e., clients and prospects) likes to hang out and how they like to be addressed. Our goal through social media is to help build up your profile to a relevant audience, increase brand awareness, and drive more interest and sales conversions for your business. Our social media management solutions include:

  • A comprehensive social media content strategy specific to your business
  • Custom design and consistent branding across social profiles and landing pages
  • Daily posting of original content across relevant social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and others
  • Brand monitoring and response to inquiries and social interactions
  • Contest management to help build your target audience and increase brand awareness
  • Custom blog setup and writing to help boost SEO and drive qualified prospects to your site